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Merchant Fresh Blog Featured Merchants – Merchant websites that offer unique products and services. Not that these merchants are hard to find, it’s really more about calling attention to their niche and unique offerings.

While some of the featured merchant websites sell their products on Amazon, to borrow from the expression, sometimes it’s more fun to “shop local”. So the idea being Merchant Fresh will showcase select websites that offer superior products and services, bringing them to your attention.

Check back once in awhile, you may find a true gem that you were unaware of or have forgotten about.

Turkey Burger Sliders Recipe Will Be An Instant Hit

Dinner Dinner Recipes Merchant Fresh Blog

This turkey burger sliders kid friendly recipe is a hit. Looking for wholesome, kid-friendly dinners that adults will want to eat too? This tasty, and healthy recipe will soon be one of your family’s favorites: These mouth-watering turkey burgers have just the right amount of spices and a burst of sweet cranberries. They are a…

Depression cake is simple-yet-delicious

Breakfast Breakfast Recipes Merchant Fresh Blog

Depression cake is a no fuss recipe made to satisfy your sweet tooth with limited ingredients. I realize now growing up we had enjoyed depression cake frequently in our home. Ingredients at our local grocery store were in abundance. However, money was tight and not to be spent frivolously on must have ingredients. Our Mom…

This banana bread recipe is gonna make your day

Breakfast Breakfast Recipes Merchant Fresh Blog

When you’re bored and you’re blue what do you do? Make yourself some banana bread! And then you make it famous. How? Easy, just follow Chrissy Teigen’s famous banana bread recipe. It’s sure to chase the blue’s away in a hurry. We found this article from and wanted to share it with you. Banana…

Capresso Pour-Over Kettle Is An Ideal Beverage Gift

Beverage Gifts Merchant Fresh Blog

The Capresso Pour-Over Kettle is perfect for pour-over coffee aficionados and discerning tea drinkers. The goose-neck spout provides a controlled pour at an even flow rate, perfect for pour-over coffee or any type of tea. To Learn More or To Purchase Shop Wal-Mart Online Easy pouring Every person has a different way of holding the handle and…

Tea Beverage Trending with New Flavors and Options

Merchant Fresh Blog

Flavored tea is a trending beverage that is growing around the world. You may one of the millions of people working from home now in the the United States. It’s been great, no morning commute or rush to get home after work. But staying healthy has been on your mind. Tea’s are a great way…

The Barbasol Shave Club Offer Is An Exceptional Value

Featured Merchants Men Merchant Fresh Blog

The Barbasol Shave Club, Barbasol Ultra 6 Plus razor products and disposable razor products live up to the same exceptional quality and honest value that you have come to expect from Barbasol. The Barbasol Shave Club Subscription:A close, comfortable shave should be easy. To get started, shoppers will receive the Barbasol Shave Club Starter Kit…

Death Wish Coffee Is Going To Fire You Up

Beverage Gifts Breakfast Merchant Fresh Blog

Death Wish coffee makes it claim to be the World’s strongest coffee. So the only way to prove it is to try it out for yourself. If you are looking for that early morning energy boost or mid-afternoon pick-me-up, this may be the coffee to kick start things. real fast! We’re gonna have a go…

Cookie Gift Basket Idea For Women Who Love Cookies

Food Gifts Merchant Fresh Blog

The just in time cookie gift basket idea for women who love cookies is sure to be a hit. She’s expecting you to be predictable, so don’t be! When it comes to buying her a gift, she’s expecting the usual, you know, flowers or jewelry. Throw a curve-ball this time and get her something that…

Freeze Dried Meals Kit Includes Entree’s & Breakfast

Food Gifts Merchant Fresh Blog

Freeze Dried Meals In A Bucket With this freeze dried meals kit you can eat for one month if you’re a loner or for a week if shared with 4 other adults. Yep, that’s 3 meal servings daily! And so you have something to sit on while you dine, the sturdy grab and go bucket…

Mountain House Meals Emergency Rations – 72 Hour Kit

Merchant Fresh Blog

Mountain House Emergency Rations You can be prepared for anything with this Mountain House Emergency Rations – 72 Hour Kit – that offers a large variety of freeze dried meals. This is ideal for emergency situations. Your Mountain House Just In Case Kit can be prepared quickly and easily simply by adding water. You won’t…

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