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Stud Finder Sees 4 Inches Into Your Walls

Walabot Stud Finder

What Stud Finder Can Do This?

Walabot DIY stud finder looks inside walls, concrete or drywall, to detect studs, pipes, and electrical wires

Stud Finder Description provided by Walabot:

The Walabot DIY stud finder is the first consumer product to come from Vayyar Imaging, the 3D-imaging sensor company whose technology makes it possible to see through objects.

The pocket-sized device which attaches to your phone and works with a free app lets you discover wires, studs, pipes, plastic, rodents and other objects that might be hidden in your walls.

The Walabot DIY is a handheld 3D-imaging sensor that looks inside your walls, whether they’re concrete or drywall, to detect studs, pipes, and electrical wires. Your Android smartphone shows you exactly how far below the surface they are. Vayyar Imaging developed this futuristic gizmo, using RDF scanners originally meant for Israeli anti-missile defense.

It’s able to ‘see’ up to a depth of 4 inches. The sensor in the Walabot DIY stud finder can show you a visual representation of what’s behind the wall, or switch to raw imaging for a deeper understanding of the data. Whatever the project, what you want to do on the outside of your walls depends on what’s inside the walls.

An inch over to the right or left can make the difference for a secure television or thousands of dollars in pipe or water damage.

The Walabot DIY stud finder is the perfect answer for the do-it-yourself-er.

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