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As a back pain sufferer, I have sought out natural and holistic practices and products in lieu of prescribed pharmaceutical products (and eventually lead me to creating It is always foremost in my mind to be consciously aware of my immediate environment and how it may impact my back pain and health.

The intent of this website is to share and offer the most advanced products as relates to furniture, office essentials, clothing, wellness products and more, and articles related to such. This website will not ever claim to be an authoritarian construct, just the opposite in fact.

I will not claim to be an expert or to know everything about alleviating pain. The fact is the daily habits, wellness products, and the utility of furniture that helps alleviate my back pain, have been learned from other pain sufferers who shared their knowledge, experiences, attitudes, and wisdom.

I wish to offer you much success in finding products that help make your life just a little more comfortable.

Warm regards,

Kevin Long